The day started with an interesting guest in the bathroom:

Pff, it was another hot day:

Not too humid but the high temperature drains energy from you. So again, frequent rests at bus stops:

But also stops at small shops to buy some drinks. And there you sometimes meet funny people. Like the guy below who came 25 years ago to Thailand from Bangladesh. He told me he’d been married to 4 Thai women, at first to two Thai women at the same (!) time (didn’t know that was allowed in Thailand …). After they divorced him, he married two others of which one divorced from him recently. So now he’s left with one. And she’s the one, he said. He trades fish as you can see on the second photo below.

And then, later in the afternoon, I had a drink and an old man came to me and gave me some fruit. He had bought the fruit especially for me. After he gave it to me he walked to his motor so I only could get him on the photo from a distance. Sometimes you’re (happily) surprised how nice people can be for just no reason.