We’re on an eight days holiday to Tenerife. The first few days we’ll stay in La Orotava, an old town on the northern part of the island.

Yes, Tenerife is one of these sunny tourist islands on which most tourists are old, retired and fat …  Or are they?  Well, we’ve seen quite some elderly people (mostly German) but they nearly all seemed quite active.  We hiked in the mountains today and guess what …  we saw all these elderly people hiking as well.  Fortunately, there were also quite some younger ones.

The hike was nice because the mountains are nice here (actually old vulcanos).  The highest peak is some 3,700 meters.  Our hike today was between 1,000 and 1,500 meters.  The weather was perfect: sunny and 15C to 20C.

End afternoon, we went down to the coast.  Quite a beautiful coast; rough.