Sekinchan (and Teluk Intan yesterday)

Ha, finally a reasonable internet connection. I owe you an update of the last two days and some photos of the day before yesterday.

Yesterday I rode to Teluk Intan and today to Sekinchan. Two quite similar days; both days I rode some 95 kilometres in a similar environment and in similar weather (sunny with some clouds and 32C). This part of Malaysia is pretty flat with a lot of industry. If you find some backroads it’s nice cycling but on the main roads it’s not. In designing the main roads bicycles (nor pedestrians) have been considered. Since you cannot always avoid cycling on main roads, every day, for some time, you’re on a kind of suicide mission. Especially where the roads are being maintained or reconstructed; there often you’re being bypassed by big trucks at a distance of 20cm only. I’ve read that this part of Malaysia, the western part, isn’t that suitable for cycling. The western part is said to be close to perfect however this time of year the weather doesn’t allow cycling in the western part (storm, thunder and rain).

Now, I said that where main roads are being reconstructed it’s not a pleasure cycling. That’s true, unless due to the reconstruction the road is blocked for cars but not for bicycles; then suddenly you have a big, big road all for yourself:

… Aaah, again: can’t upload photos (internet). So, probably tomorrow (when I expect to arrive in Kuala Lumpur) you’ll get a lot of photos.

Fingers crossed!