Rest day on Langkawi

Langkawi is a typical tropical island. A very nice island, but like many tropical places difficult to catch well on a photo:

Malaysia is a muslim country. The Islam is the official religion and over 60% of the population is muslim. Nevertheless, Malaysia is a multi-confessional country due to the different regions of its diverse ethnic population: 50% Malay, 23% Chinese, 12% indigenous, 8% Indian and 7% others.

From some of the photos you may have seen already that it was cloudy today. And not just cloudy; it often rained cats and dogs:

Tomorrow, I’ll take the ferry to the island Penang. There it also can rain … You may have read in the news that a few days ago, in only a few hours over 40cm of rain fell in Georgetown (the capital of Penang) causing major floods and damages. Hope it will stay somewhat dry tomorrow 🙂