On the way to Trang

All the smaller Thai towns look similar, like this one:

The overhead power lines make these towns look somewhat messy but all properties are very clean and organised.

I forgot my bicycle water bottles this morning at the hotel so will have to use normal bottles the rest of the trip:

I took it more easy today than yesterday; rode a little slower and took more often a rest. I think that my tiredness yesterday also was due to the temperature; today’s feeling temperature was 39C:

Sometimes there are these areas were you have little choice in what road to take. As a matter of fact, sometimes you can only choose a main road / highway (that is if you don’t want to make a detour of tens of kilometres) and these main roads are not always the most nice ones:

Straight stretches of several kilometres without shadow. Bus stops are then the best resting points:

As said earlier, it is not the high tourist season so quite some hotels are closed. Those that aren’t often offer good, low, rates or you have to choose something that you maybe wouldn’t have chosen if you had more choice:

Iglo’s in Thailand … It is a very nice, relaxed ‘resort’ though. The room is clean and coffee, as much as you can drink, is for free!